Short name Madagascar
Official  name Republic of Madagascar
Location Southeast  Africa
Capital Antananarivo
Population 21 million inhabitants
Area 587,041 sq km (226,658 sq miles)
Languages Malagasy (official), French
Religions Christianity, indigenous beliefs


Situated off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Having developed in isolation, the island nation is famed for its unique wildlife.



Madagascar is the 131st largest export economy in the world and the 132nd most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI). In 2014, Madagascar exported $2.51B and imported $3.26B, resulting in a negative trade balance of $750M. In 2014 the GDP of Madagascar was $10.6B and its GDP per capita was $1.44k.

The top export destinations of Madagascar are France ($534M), the United States ($219M), Belgium-Luxembourg ($173M), Germany ($161M) and South Africa ($159M). The top import origins are China ($556M), the United Arab Emirates ($542M), France ($252M), India ($217M) and South Africa ($161M).

Madagascar is an island and borders Comoros, Mozambique, Mayotte, the Seychelles and France by sea.




Trade Balance

As of 2014 Madagascar had a negative trade balance of $750M in net imports. As compared to their trade balance in 1995 when they still had a negative trade balance of $15.9M in net imports.



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